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Superlux Microphones!

Are you seeking cost-effective ways to improve your sound without sacrificing performance?

Superlux microphones exceed the quality of major pro audio brands at a fraction of the cost.
Superlux TM58   For over 30 years, Superlux products have been expertly engineered, keeping the price tag low while consistently delivering unequaled sound quality. These mics excel in a wide range of applications, delivering superb audio performance in fixed installations, recording studios, broadcast, live performances, worship, education, and event production.
Here’s what satisfied customers had to say about the Superlux TM-58:
“I bought these mics because they closely resemble the Shure SM58, but cost a fraction of the price. I already own a Shure SM58 which doesn’t quite get the best out of my voice – I find it sounds a bit “muddy”. In comparison, the Superlux TM58 sounds brighter, without any muddy effect or harshness.” “Incredible value!! These microphones are obviously just copies of the SM-58 microphone, but honestly, I think they sound a little BETTER?? I did a direct comparison, and these mics have a little more high-end response than the SM-58, and the low-end response is about the same (maybe a little less bass on the Superlux). The build quality seems to be basically exactly the same on these vs the SM-58’s (the grill on the Superlux may actually be a little tougher as the SM-58 grill tends to dent easily). The real difference is the PRICE.” “Tried it and it is brighter than SM58 on the high and less muddy as well. I own sennheiser ew d1 835s, shure beta 87a, sennheiser e835, e935, behringer xm8500 and TM58. I can tell you TM58 is worth the money. And BTW, Google’s Music room uses Superlux TM58 as well ( and it is why I got to know this model )”
When you buy a Superlux microphone, you’re making a “sound” investment. The build quality and audio performance will bring you many years of crystal clear sound. LPD music is extremely excited to add Superlux to our growing pro audio product line. Contact our sales team for dealer exclusive introductory pricing on Superlux products. or 248.585.9630