Help your customers “Stand” out with Pig Hog Guitar Stands and Cables

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Have you ever grabbed the wrong guitar stand after a gig? Or, flat out forgot your stand at the club?

Never again with Pig Hog Guitar Stands and cables! These stands come in 5 different colors.(Seafoam Green, Daphne Blue, Rockin’ Red, Royal Blue, and White)

The Pig Hog cables come in Seafoam Green, Daphne Blue too!

These unforgettable stands are tour worthy and made to last. They feature extra fat padding, and all contact points are finished with non-reactive foam that is safe for most lacquers and finishes. A robust locking bar secures your guitar’s neck to the stand, while remaining easy to operate with one hand.

With a “no question” lifetime guarantee, this guitar stand will be last one you’ll ever need(until you buy your next guitar of course)

Tour ready, lasts a lifetime, extra padding, secure locking bar, and you’ll never lose it at a gig?!? Not to mention they look fantastic when color matched with your guitar!

Adding Pig Hog Stands to your product line is a no brainer!

Think of all the cool color coordinated in store displays you can create with these stands.

And a matching stand and cable is the perfect add on to a guitar sale. 

Contact our sales team to get these colorful guitar stands on the floor of your showroom ASAP! or 248.585.9630