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Nothing Sounds Like a Dano!

Almost every notable rock star has played a Danelectro.

For some it was their first instrument. For others it was that search for something different, something they couldn’t get out of other guitars.

That Dano look and sound is in a league of its own, it’s no mystery why the best ever continue play Danelectro guitars. Those unique shapes, lipstick pickups, stylish color combos, and chambered masonite bodies produce a sound like no other.

Modern technology has allowed Danelectro create an instrument that really is “whole lotta” guitar for the money. 

Looking to stand out in a sea of boring guitars?

Get the guitar that legends such as Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Elvis have all played! 

Get yourself a Dano!

Much More Than Guitars!

Danelectro initially started in 1947, building tube amplifiers for Sears and Montgomery Ward. Over the years Danelectro has produced a wide range of innovative guitar accessories. (Even a guitar case with a built in amp!)

The Vintage Pedal Series is the latest release in a long line of effects from Danelectro. “The Breakdown” a classic overdrive/boost pedal and “The Eisenhower Fuzz” over the top fuzz with super hot octave effect. Both pedals are reliced and ready to rock.

Other Dano accessories include The Billionaire pedal series, The FAB Tone pedal series, and a collection of mini pedals.  Danelectro has also released a “Snark” style tuner, and a line of mini amps.

These Danelectro effects and accessories are designed to maximize your tone without breaking the bank!

Wanna bring Danelectro to your shop?

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