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Danelectro Pedals are Red Hot!

We’ve collected some of the best written reviews and video demos for each one of these Danelectro pedals. Scroll down to see, hear, and learn more about The 3699 fUZZ, The Roebuck, The Back Talk, The Eisenhower Fuzz & The Breakdown. Click the link at the bottom of each quote to read the full article. 

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Danelectro 3699 fuzz pedal

3699 fUZZ Pedal Reviews

“It’s immediately apparent that the 3699 Fuzz is no genteel Fuzz Face clone. Instead we’re confronted by a gratifying, sawtoothed shot of belligerence that harks straight back to the anarchic response of the original.”

“One of Ridinger’s goals for the 3699 was a warm tone, and it’s evident upon plugging in that this is not a typical bee-in-a-beer-can fuzz.”

“The company are clear that this is a reissue, and it will supply you with the thick bottom end and rounded tones that made the original such a winner. There’s some tweaks this time too.”

Danelectro Roebuck Pedal

Roebuck Pedal Reviews

“All this results in a pedal that Danelectro says is perfect for everything from classic, drive-heavy blues to sweet British lead tones to scooped metal.”

“With its Distortion control set low, the Roebuck will tickle crunch tone and boosted breaks from the front of your guitar amp.”

“The heart of the pedal is probably its touch-sensitive three-band EQ which, when combined with the clipping modes, should give you a wide palette of sounds, making this distortion pedal amazingly versatile.”

Danelectro Back Talk Pedal

Back Talk Pedal Reviews

“Almost telepathically, Danelectro has come correct with this reissue’s compact dimensions and uniformly rectangular stance which make it a joy to add to your board.”

“Back Talk is richer with pitch irregularities that distinguish real reverse tape”

“Danelectro guitar effect pedals have always been admired as innovative and inspirational and now, after achieving cult status, the legendary Back Talk is back, talking back at cha, delivering swirling, psychedelic-rock reverse tape simulation with unrivalled performance and playability.”

Danelectro The Breakdown Pedal

The Breakdown Pedal Reviews

“Danelectro has introduced a new ‘vintage’ pedal range that not only revives the sounds of certain ‘lost’ pedals from way back, but also presents them in distressed enclosures in the same vein as relic’d guitars.”

“The Breakdown isn’t just badass for the usual bang-for-buck Dano spiel, nor simply because it can outdo famous Klon clones at the whole “clean boost with a little extra somethin’-somethin’” thing. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say it can make your amp do things you may never have heard it do before—but the amp’s gotta be working hard for the magic to happen.”

“On my last visit to Guitar Interactive HQ, I had the utter luxury of messing around with one of these New ‘Vintage’ Pedals, the pedal in question is called ‘The Breakdown’, its highly affordable, incredibly well built, sounds amazing, feels amazing to play through and looks super cool”

the eisenhower fuzz

The Eisenhower Fuzz Reviews

“That upper octave effect is so apparent on long sustaining chords and ‘held’ solo notes….a revelation in itself. This pedal sounds like a wall of angry amps through clean or overdriven amp channels at any volume.”

“Housed in an enclosure that looks as old as the pedal it’s based on, the Danelectro Eisenhower Fuzz seems to be shrouded in a bit of mystery…but once you plug it in, you’re not going to care where this circuit came from, just that it exists RIGHT NOW.”

“The Eisenhower Fuzz is a killer sounding octave fuzz that responds beautifully to your guitar’s controls. It’s huge tonal range means that whatever amp you’re using, you can dial a sound that sits perfectly.”

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