Guitar Interactive Magazine Names the Aria Pro II
J-Series Best Electric Guitar of 2020

Aria Pro Jet 1 in transparent vintage white

“Ok, so we’ve not exactly been short of great electric guitars this year, but there’s something about the Aria Pro II J-Series 1 that just spoke to me. Aria’s return to form has been very inspiring to watch, and they’ve been producing some truly killer guitars at prices that are frankly absurd.

Where the J-Series 1 differs from the rest of their line is that it’s a new, unique design that’s somewhere between an offset and a Tele with the lower horn form an Ibanez RG – but in a way that’s both totally original and actually very pretty! It’s also a 24 fret, 24.75” scale guitar with one humbucker, one single-coil and a tremolo – not a recipe I’ve ever come across before, but it just.. works! It balances beautifully, the tones are great, and it plays like butter – and all at a price that’s frankly unbelievable.

I really feel like more people should know about the killer guitars Aria are making right now, and given how totally unique and unbelievably affordable the J-Series is, there’s no excuse not to have one in your collection.”

– Guitar Interactive Magazine

J-Series I Colors

Transparent Vintage White

Candy Apple Red


Guitar Interactive Magazine First Reviewed the Aria Pro II J-Series earlier this year

“It’s quite difficult to get an unconventional shape to look “right”, but I think Aria has done a great job here with the bold line of the horns matched by the pickguard and the rear bout”

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silver snark 2 colors
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